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Terms & Conditions of hire

We try very hard to play fair with our customers and so we will try to resolve any dispute or problem with you but it is a good idea to read these terms first as they form the basis of our relationship.

Where we do not own a car ourselves this is clearly explained & when we bring in another car or driver the contract is directly between you and that driver or operator and we act as a booking agent only. No contract is implied or exists between us for services outside our direct  control.

Although our car will be fully cleaned, polished and valeted prior to leaving our premises and travelling to the pick-up address. We cannot guarantee that the car will be 100% clean as the distance travelled from our base can vary & the weather may be bad or other problems can occur.

It is the responsibility of the client to verify that the agreed itinerary details, dates, times and addresses are correct on the confirmation we send & the booking is accepted  on that basis. Time is not of the essence in the contract as things can happen on the day that are outside our control.

All bookings are provisional until the full payment is received & until you pay either a deposit (or full payment if requested) we will accept alternative bookings on a "first come first served" basis. No refunds are given under any circumstances and you should arrange insurance to cover cancellation. In some instances we may agree to change dates or venues but additional fees will be payable.

If a booking deposit is requested this deposit is non-refundable and due immediately on booking. The full outstanding balance must be received at least 28 days prior to the hire date to guarantee availability on the day. No cheques are accepted. Payment is requested by direct bank transfer.  Cards are accepted via PayPal but 4% is added to cover our ACTUAL credit /debit card processing costs.

Cancellations must be made & accepted by us no later than 28 days prior to the wedding.  Texts, E mail or telephone cancellations are acceptable but they must be acknowledged and accepted by us in writing before thay are valid. The full outstanding balance is payable if a cancellation is received within 28 days of the hire date.

We never book all our cars out on any one given day. There is always a  substitute car available in our fleet ( but it will normally be a modern one). In the unlikely event that we are unable to use the booked car for reasons beyond our control, an alternative car will be used. Any cost difference will be refunded.

In the unlikely event that the car ‘failed to proceed’ (broke-down) on the day, depending on timing etc. we would 1) Attempt to get another ‘Wedding’ car to the location as soon as possible or 2) In a real dire emergency we attempt to get a taxi or private hire car to you immediately and then offer you a refund if you felt unhappy about the situation or our efforts to resolve it. Note: The amount refunded would be 100% of the total fee minus our actual costs. Beyond this we will not be liable.

Every care is taken to maintain our Vintage vehicles in first class condition, but in the unlikely event that the car booked is unable to complete the engagement owing to mechanical failure, accident or any other cause whatsoever, then whilst we will try to provide a satisfactory alternative and/or return any prepaid deposits or hire charges, no liability will be accepted by us for any consequential loss.

Although we will do our utmost to meet deadlines, time is not of the essence in our contract with you & we accept no responsibility for any delays, however caused.

No responsibility will be accepted for restrictions relating to vehicle access at any location and in particular our driver will refuse to take the car anywhere that in his sole opinion constitutes a risk to passengers or would be likely to cause damage to the vehicle..

The client (person making the booking) is responsible for the conduct of all passengers under the booking made by them.

The driver will refuse to transport passengers or luggage if the vehicle is overloaded and children or babies needing car seats are not allowed in the vintage vehicle. There is no provision for child car seats and no seat belts for either children or adults inmost classic (pre 1960) vehicles. The Chauffeur will be dressed in white shirt & tie with a dark suit. Some drivers prefer period dress. For example the Riley driver may wear tweed jacket & cap & corduroy trousers & brogues as was the fashion for 1950s motoring. The driver does not usually wear a Chauffeurs hat. Although our cars have boots, we do not  agree to transport your luggage, wedding gifts or belongings to the venues & friends or family should do this for you. If you have booked a modern "Bridesmaids car" with us they may be able to take luggage for you but it will be your responsibility for remembering these items.

In the event of bad weather we hold no responsibility to any damage caused to clothes or other items.

The driver will terminate the booking if the client or passengers cause excessive delays, are disorderly or in the driver’s sole judgement, are unfit to travel. No refund is ever offered in these circumstances

Our classic cars are very old and very valuable. All damage caused to the car by you or your guests is charged to you. In particular confetti or wine can cause stains to both the car upholstery & your dress so please be very careful around the car & please do not get confetti inside the vehicle.

Children also get very excited by the car ( so do some of the "oldies") so please keep all your "children" of whatever age safe !! The driver will usually let well behaved children sit in the car  or show the engine if time allows but this is at his absolute discretion.

Booking are accepted only on the understanding that the hirer understands and accepts the above terms and conditions and payment of the deposit signifies such acceptance.

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